Hi! My name is Cate Bolt, I’m just a normal middle-aged mum with nine kids and an orphanage in Indonesia.

You’ve reached the page formerly known as An Ordinary Life. Somehow, somewhere along the way, something went terribly wrong with the blog and it died. I mourned it for a moment and then I got over it. If you’re looking for the blog, I’m sorry – it’s gone.

This isn’t really going to be a blog – although I might have a rant here occasionally, if I feel the urge. It’s really just intended as a place for you to be able to find access to all the random stuff that I do. If you’re bored enough to want to read about me, you can visit the about page.


My orphanage in Indonesia – Foundation 18  (Yayasan Dharma Sadana)

My Bloggy Blog – Once Upon A Bus - High Functioning Dysfunction on Wheels

Ethical handmade gifts, proceeds to the orphanage – Cabo Pickles or Cabo Pickles on Etsy

Awesome craft supplies, all proceeds to the orphanage - Skull Buttonry on Etsy

Our fair trade women’s workshop in Indonesia, proceeds fund the workshop & humanitarian projects in Indonesia – Bu Fair Trade or Bu Fair Trade on Etsy

Wholesale buttons to small businesses and artisans, proceeds fund our humanitarian projects in Indonesia – Buttontopia

Business services including estimating, bid management, remote project management to the energy, construction, rail, industrial and commercial electrical industries. Profits fund the orphanage - Project 18 Services

My latest project, indulging my obsession with the TV show Lost – 4815162342 on Etsy (proceeds fund me, because I’m greedy)

My sweary, ranty embroidery shop – Pretty Fkn Embroidery  (proceeds fund me because feeding orphans by saying ‘fuck’ is apparently frowned upon)

I am also overseeing the production of a video series called Planet You


You can follow me on Twitter @catebolt if you don’t mind a bit of swearing.